2004 Day 1 (14 Jan)
no new kernels for 3 months - Linus playing frozen-bubble
Image img005.jpeg
Dimensions 1024x768 pixels
Bytes 801.1 K
Date 15 January 2004, 14:42
Exposure time 1/60 sec.
Exposure mode Auto exposure
Flash 9
Shutter speed -
Aperture value f/2.9
Focal length 10.7 mm
Camera model NIKON E4500
Adelaide (All Images Copyright (C) 2003 Stewart Smith. Generally those without a comment are actually not mine, and (C) somebody else - but I could just be too drunk to realise the truth, but take the img*jpg ones to be non-mine, and the dcim stuff to be mine. Hey, I have a Coolpix 4500 camera, so they're mine. Ahhh... maybe sleep now.)