A small set of scripts/web app to look at historical popcon data. Graphs both installed and recent numbers, also outputs CSV.



See the README file in the git repo.


You can get data from a variety of sources. The simplest is to download my database dump and load it in.

Database dump

Download popcon-data.sql.xz and load it into Drizzle:

$ echo 'CREATE SCHEMA popcon;'|drizzle -u root
$ xzcat popcon-data.sql.xz| drizzle -u root popcon

Load data yourself

Fetch historical Popcon data from my mirror or fetch it yourself from Historical Ubuntu popcon and the wayback machine for Debian.

Then, load it into the database using the load-popcon.pl script (for example):

$ perl load-popcon.pl --distro=Debian --date=20120303 --file=popcon-debian-2012-03-03.txt.gz

Example output

Percona Toolkit vs Maatkit installs over time:

Percona Toolkit vs Maatkit "recent" over time:

Stewart Smith (stewart@flamingspork.com)