Stew’s kernel for Debian Stable and Unstable!

finally built it for stable as well now. It actually works too (this is what’s powering my gateway). My linux workstation is being powered by Stew’s kernel too (the Unstable one).

.debs for Debian Stable 3.0 (Woody) are in /linux/kernel/debs/stable/

.debs for Debian testing/unstable (sid) are in /linux/kernel/debs/unstable/

sources are in /linux/kernel/debs/

Both GCC 2.95, so NVIDIA and CISCO should play nicely.

I’m not sure about APM…. My SMP box says “APM disabled: not SMP safe” but i don’t know if this is just because I have two processors :)

The stable machine is reporting “apm: overridden by ACPI”, as I would expect it to… ’cause ACPI actually *works* with the -ac patches.. :)

Good news is, Marcelo is coming to senses and 2.4.22 should be a lot better (and here soon).

REMEMBER TO INSTALL devfsd!!!! Otherwise you’ll have ickyness. I really should have put it in the “depends” thingy. Oops.

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