linux on an ibook

well, i’ve got the Linux and the MacOS X on the ibook now. Finally had enough things to do that the procrastination value of moving 25GB worth of home directory data around was worth it.

This, of course, had to be accomplished by buying another hard drive. So, an extra 120GB of storage has found its way into my SMP machine.

Dual PII 350mhz, 128mb RAM, 9GB Ulta SCSI and 4GB Ultra SCSI and a 120GB ATA. On a shitty ATA controller so the IO rates arent’ that good, but hey – next time i’m at a swap meet i’ll go get one that isn’t as ‘eek’.

Stock 2.6 isn’t that great on the ibook. It doesn’t so much sleep, as crash. Internal audio is broken, and i don’t have X accelleration going. I’m currently building 2.4.21-xfs-benh. There were a few things that didn’t quite patch in properly when i did the benh patch on top of the xfs patch, but i’m getting there. I’ll post a patch here when i know it boots (and hardware works).

patch sequence: xfs-only, xfs-kernel, benh, xfs-quota32

Without the DRM accelleration, i can *almost* play DVDs/DivX. It’s soooo close to viewable.

got my lit review to go under latex on linux now too… image issues. and for some reason, the cssethesis template craps itself with pdflatex on linux, didn’t on OSX.

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  1. i have the 800mhz g3 ibook running 2.6.10 without benh’s patch and everything is working great, sleep, audio, glx, …

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