Spatial Nautilus

Okay, so debian finally caught up to the rest of the world and unstable has GNOME 2.6 packages. So, everything has settled down, and i’ve dist-upgraded my laptop.

After a logout/login cycle (unfortunately, everything doesn’t "just happen" when you upgrade, I’m now onto GNOME 2.6 and spatial nautilus.

Yes, this whole idea where "the window IS the folder" idea that has made computers usable since the first Mac is back. And, Guess what? That’s right, it’s GOOD! There’s the browser interface also, so you can go and do things how you used to.

my mother has been using this for a bit (since we put Fedora Core 2 on here machine, well, actually, one of the test releases).

i’m also gathering up the strength to go and install FC2 on my desktop…. as long as I can get DVD stuff going, i’ll be okay :)

and then there’s the whole bootloader thing… gah. i fucking hate the way partitioning and bootloading works. generally, not just the extremely bad way that PCs do it.

reminds me… gotta test my yaboot patches for sparse files on XFS.

and move away from movable type.