MySQL port of MemberDB

Spent probably about 3 hours today porting the database schema to MySQL 5 along with finding some bugs in the process. Pretty minor ones, mainly to do with how things could be improved to improve compatibility with schemas written with postgresql in mind.

While chasing up some stuff on why the serial type alias in mysql wasn’t exactly the same as postgresql serial type (which is an integer with a sequence and default value) i found this gem in the postgresql docs:

Note: Prior to PostgreSQL 7.3, serial implied UNIQUE. This is no longer automatic. If you wish a serial column to be in a unique constraint or a primary key, it must now be specified, same as with any other data type.

Great huh? So upgrade postgresql and don’t go sifting through your tables (now come on, everybody uses a serial/auto_increment field in a lot of tables) you loose!

i.e. there’s bugs in memberdb now that weren’t there when i started and i didn’t change any code to make them. hrrm…

anyway, i’ll write at some time the few easy steps it took to get the schema across (it takes no time once you know what you’re doing – like a few commands and a few search and replaces).

for now, you can get stuff from arch:–memberdb/memberdb–mysql–0.4

the schema loads, i’ll have to change one bit of code to make it all work – otherwise everything should be fine (but let me test first – or provide fixes, not complaints :)

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