Only 18 bugs for MemberDB 0.4!

Yes “only” 18….

although the “make installation procedure not suck” has to be the most important.

I’m very tempted to branch and make a 0.3.1 release the “no, it really works this time” release. mainly because there were still a few annoying bugs (being female could cause you trouble if you messed with the edit-member page. It would store it okay, just always display it wrong (which meant that it *looked* like it wasn’t recording you as female).

Hopefully I’ve stopped the javascript error box popping up on some platforms too.

1 thought on “Only 18 bugs for MemberDB 0.4!

  1. Hey.
    Just wondering how the work on this is going?
    Anywhere we can download the SQL files? I don’t have command line access to my webserver…

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