Only 18 bugs for MemberDB 0.4!

Yes “only” 18….

although the “make installation procedure not suck” has to be the most important.

I’m very tempted to branch and make a 0.3.1 release the “no, it really works this time” release. mainly because there were still a few annoying bugs (being female could cause you trouble if you messed with the edit-member page. It would store it okay, just always display it wrong (which meant that it *looked* like it wasn’t recording you as female).

Hopefully I’ve stopped the javascript error box popping up on some platforms too.

One thought on “Only 18 bugs for MemberDB 0.4!

  1. Hey.
    Just wondering how the work on this is going?
    Anywhere we can download the SQL files? I don’t have command line access to my webserver…

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