Fancy shortcuts to MySQL Bugs

So Elliot Murphy is talking about QuickSearch shortcut for which is quite useful if you use Firefox.

However, I’m using Epiphany (which is based on the same rendering engine, but is a bit more GNOMEy – and besides, i’ve been using it for a while, i have all my bookmarks and saved passwords etc there).

So, a quick PHP script later, and I have a nice little command line version of the same script.

< ?php system('sensible-browser ' .'' .'cmd=display\&limit=10\&' .'status=All\&search_for=' .urlencode(implode(' ',array_slice($argv,1)))); ?>

Useful! Usage is like:

$ mybug 10950
$ mybug ndb

hope it helps.

maybe i’ll switch to firefox one day… when it’s faster.

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