– Did I mention that Apple service sucks? – Did I mention that Apple service sucks?

I totally empathise with Mikal on this one. My adventures with Apple service has been interesting. Although I’ve usually gotten better result out of being persistent and a giant pain in the arse (I honestly feel sorry for anyone who gets me on the other end of the phone or across the desk at a service center).

I refuse to buy a Dell due to the general crappiness of their laptop hardware – although their service seems to be pretty good, which almost makes up for it…. almost…

The problem I have with the IBMs is that it seems difficult to get a high resolution screen while staying afordable and not weighing a ton (this goes for most PC laptop manufacturers).

At the moment I’m looking at an Asus. I just want to find somewhere that’ll sell it to me with enough (1.5GB+) RAM without me having to dispose of a 512MB stick that I didn’t want in the first place. Ideally, it’d come with a 1GB stick and a free slot (and take the same memory as my current PowerBook so i could swap my existing 1GB stick in).

Oh, and avoiding the MS tax would be nice.

Anyone have any experience with Asus service?

Oh, and Mikal – ring them every day (at least) to check out how it’s going and complain at them. Be annoying. Make them hate you – point out that the easy way to make you happy is to swap it for a functioning one. Ring Apple as well. Oh, and only ever talk to the manager – or the highest person available at the time.

good luck.

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  1. Never had experience with Asus service … I’ve got a W5A – the W5010A submodel comes with 256mb onboard and one slot free. It’s a 12″ 1280×768 screen, not sure if that’s the form factor you’re looking for though. No avoiding the MS tax, although the 5010 only comes with WinXP Home, so it’s not as expensive.

  2. We were discussing ASUS in the Perth Linux User Group site a month or so ago (, and a member who spent time commuting between Sweden and Au, was most scathing about the fact that ASUS support in Au was impossible to contact. Sweden was no better.

    I have tried to search the archives, but it seems they are non-searchable (at least, my skills don’t work).


  3. Apple Service

    Those two words do not belong together.
    November 6th, 2006 Bought a MacPro 2.66, Apple Care, 6 gig Ram and 3 320 hard drives and stock 160 gb hard drive. By February 2007 I had lost all drives to header failure and data corruption. So after lengthy conversations I was told be a Mac Genius that I had over loaded the system and failures were due to heat failure. Yeah Great, so I drop down to an Apple 250 gb Hard drive and continued to experience failures, this time the Genius without looking tells me its my after market ram, even better, they sold it to me. So I cut my losses trade it in on a brand new identical model March 2007 Stock configuartion. Arrive at home, DOA. nothing, back to the retailer, only to find out my stock machine had two optical drives, only one powered, loss screws rolling in the case and guess what it they tell me its a refurb or a CTO, but I payed full price for it, lost my shirt on the trade and got the royal kiss my butt from Apple with an Apeasement offer that after 10 buisness days I have yet to even see.

    Apple now ranks way down with Joes Bargin basement computers Sales and Service, never again will Apple be trusted.

  4. P.S……… So disapointed by the service I got, I sold every Mac I owned, software, and anything I had purchased. which included original Tam, G3 350 Blue and White, iBook, MacPro, G5 Dual, LC 575 ( original ), Apple Laser Writer, 15 years of Techincal Training Books, 15 Apple Posters ( Store Versions ) 3 iPods, 2 Brand New never opened Airport Base Stattions, 20 inch iMac ( LampShade ) and every OS retailed by Mac. I Posted it as my Apple Hell Sale and in 17 hours I sold everything to every unsuspecting buyer I could find ( no Warranties nothing, All gone )

    So when it comes to Apple , my opinion is BUYER BEWARE

  5. Oh Sorry and to you guys at Apple Security Developement Team, Keep holding your breath if you think I am going to disclose the security breach in File Vault to you, it will go to a company that can recognise it’s potiential

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