MySQL 5.0 is GA

We at MySQL AB have unleased MySQL 5.0 upon the world. It’s now declared GA (stable) and recommended for use everywhere you can possibly fit it (yes, this means brain implants and other things we dare not mention).

On DevZone there’s also a photo titled “MySQL 5.0 Development Team” taken at the DevConf earlier this year in Prague (you can see the pretty buildings in the background). I have a bunh of nice photos from there. I plan to put the scenic ones up somewhere at some point.

There’s even a poll for your favourite new feature. There isn’t an option for “version number divisible by 5”, but hey :)

I am going to get up and dance.

This does mean I will look stupid, but it’s dancing towards ice cream. Everybody deservers ice cream. Especially those with MySQL 5.0. In fact, if you don’t have it – no ice cream for you. You know you want ice cream…

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