barely usable

Trying to fiddle with my presentation in OpenOffice.org2 (the version that comes with Ubuntu Breezy).

It’s as buggy as all hell.

At the moment, after pasting in some slides from another presentation (if it doesn’t randomly crash some short time afterwards) I can’t save the file. Really useful.


4 thoughts on “ barely usable

  1. You can’t say that…it is the best product around and if an obvious replacement for MS Office.

  2. Linux will not be ready for the desktop until there is a viable Open Source word processor and I am afraid that Open Office is not, and never will be, that word processor since it has too many inextricable bugs and missing features some of which have been reported and ignored since 2002. It is still impossible to easily search and replace special characters like paragraph marks and ends of lines, something every version of MS Word has been able to do.

    Oh well, I suppose you get what you pay for.

  3. “never will be” obviously means it will be. “never” is something you should never say – as then somebody will inevitably do it.

  4. I’ve been working on reorganising the menu system in Writer so that it is more usable. There are a few bugs and flaws I have found already but after I reorganised the menus, it was far easier to use.

    AbiWord would be a good contender for Microsoft Word. I think does have a good chance but there are at least a dozen or so bugs that need to be addressed first.

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