really unstable laptop

I’m currently getting hard crashes about five times a day.

I thought it was the sound driver, as i got a crash during dist-upgrade (again) while on console and saw the backtrace. Basically looked like something bad happenned when the sound was muted.

So, running without sound muted – just turned down.

Well, today, just crashed again. Since running X, no backtrace. ARRRGHHH.

Also crashed when waking up too. ACPI stuff in the backtrace.

Not a happy camper at the moment. I have work to do, not futzing around with trying to find out what the fuck is wrong with my laptop (probably software) when I should be running a stable system.

I’ve already have to re-add all my liferea RSS feeds as liferea obviously isn’t doing the right thing (at least the version shipping with Ubuntu) regards writing the feeds file to disk.

So, I’m trying to prepare presentations for our DevConf on an incredibly buggy and almost unusable on an unstable laptop.

I think I’m going to have wine again with lunch.

One thought on “really unstable laptop

  1. What’s a “crash”? I’m running MacOS X, and I can’t seem to find that term in the system help.

    (Sorry, couldn’t resist… the only time a machine around here goes down is for scheduled maintenance… :-)

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