Mike Hillyer’s laptop melting and backup fun at UC

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Mike’s laptop went funny, but he had a backup of his presentation.

So, something about my backup strategy.

I have a policy that anything that I really care about is backed up. If it’s not backed up, I don’t care about it.

e.g. while I’d be sad if my mythtv box suddenly had a disk failure, I can always put in a blank disk and I don’t loose too much.

My email is fetched onto a server at home, and I use offlineimap to keep an up to date (nearly) copy on my laptop. I also, at least weekly, burn the entire thing to DVD (it still fits, when bzip2 compressed).

Also, for all that other stuff that is pretty important (/home), I do a xfsdump to external disk.

I also now (on a paranoid spending trip at Fry’s) have a small portable drive that is roughly twice the size of my /home partition. The idea is that on the road I can regularly do an xfsdump to this  – in fact, two complete dumps (and one or two incrementals on it).

Call me paranoid, but I like my data.

I also make sure I burn photos to DVD, but that’s more periodic as there’s a lot of them now.