SQLyog on WINE

SQLyog is now free software and seems to run under WINE on my Ubuntu box okay (i think i’m running stock wine from dapper….)

SQLyog on WINE connected to my MySQL db on linux

So those of you addicted to SQLyog (i hear there’s a couple), you can use it on linux okay too (and probably other systems that WINE supports)

4 thoughts on “SQLyog on WINE

  1. Hello .. nothing new here:

    Actually we are considering distributing SQLyog with our own ‘yogwine’ build. We will only need the most stable and reliable Wine components (no 3D, no sound for instance) for a fully automatic install on Linux. That is similar to what Google did with Picassa for Linux.

    There will of course be no conflict with ‘yogwine’ and Wine. You can have them both. We just have to learn a little on setting up installer packages (RPM’s, DEB’s) for the various distros. Any help would be appriciated when we get that far!

    Peter Laursen

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  3. I’m sick of this all google searches. I wnat sql yog on sql without wine. Sql yog has linux versions too. But i dont know how to installl it on ubuntu. Would any one please help me with this

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