Programme – 2007

The Programme for 2007 has hit the streets (err.. web) and it’s looking pretty neat.

I’m glad to see the MySQL and PostgreSQL miniconfs on different days – means I should be able to pop into the PostgreSQL one as well. Kernel could be interesting too… I guess it can depend on the sessions and stuff though.

Greg Banks’ session on “Making NFS Suck Faster” should be interesting. Tridge’s session on “clustering tdb – a little database meets big iron” should be really interesting (after all, I hack on a clustered database for a crust). After lunch, I’m a bit torn between a few sessions – but Matthew Garrett‘s “Fixing suspend for fun and profit” could be a laugh.

The next session will involve last minute jitters for my session (which is next: “eat my data: how everybody gets file IO wrong” – which will be great fun as there will no doubt be a bunch of smart people about ready to expand and clarify things.

By the end of the day I’ll be torn between Keith Packard’s “X Monitor Hotplugging Sweetness” (Hopefully the extension will be called XBLING – as I keep tryning to convince him to call an X extension that) and Garbage Collection in LogFS by Jorn Engel.

On Thursday, I’ll want to be in all the sessions at once – including Practical MythTV as presented by Mikal Still and myself. If you’re not in our session (and damn you for not being :) you should check out the no doubt other great things on: Dave Miller on Routing and IPSEC Lookup scaling in the linux kernel should be great fun, OzDMCA by Kim Weatherall will no doubt bring a tear to the eye, Rasmus on Faster and Richer Web Apps with PHP 5 (aparrently the aim when coding PHP is to not suck… so a lot of PHP “programmers” should take note – and ask to see how fast he can down a beer in), Andrew Cowie is talking on writing rad GTK apps (always fun when you can see something from your coding efforts). My photographer side of my brain is telling me to go to the GIMP Tutorial too. Hrrm… busy day (but our MythTV tute will ROCK – so show up and be converted).

After a morning berocca (err… tea), the NUMA sessions sound interesting (especially on memory mapped files – going to be thinking about this and databases odly enough). Lunch, then the Heartbeat tutorial sounds interesting (from a “we have an internal one and i wonder what this does” PoV).

Ted Ts’o is on enterprise real time… could be interesting as Ted’s a fun guy.

On Friday, Ted’s ext4 talk is a must see – especially from a poking him in the ribs about what would be neat from a DB PoV (and the reminder of the real numbers in a benchmark boost to performance we see with XFS versus ext3).

While wanting to be a cool kid like Rusty, Disk Encryption also sounds interesting, and Robert Collins could be talking about some interesting stuff (although the title “do it our way” isn’t giving much away).

So, I’ve pretty much just planned a week in January down to the hour. If you’re not already going – get booked for 2007 now – sure to sell out quickly. Going to be totally kick-ass.

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