Testing Cluster Certification exam questions

I (like several other of my co-workers) have over the past few days (since about Thursday/Friday IIRC) spent quite a few hours testing exam questions for the upcoming MySQL Cluster Certification exam.

Currently, I hold the record for the most correct answers (and number of questions that have been commented on). Yes, this is a direct challenge to other MySQLers to try and beat me.

For MySQL certifications, there is a giant pool of questions, a selection of which are selected for a particular candidate. So those brave few who go and test every single question spend a lot of time doing so to make sure the end exam is the best possible.

I’ve really grown to repsect the MySQL certs even more than I did before after being involved in creating one… we really try to make sure that to pass these you have to know and understand what you’re doing… no superficial stuff here.

Oh, and Roland is going to be giving a MySQL Cluster Certification Primer at the MySQL Conference coming up in April.

3 thoughts on “Testing Cluster Certification exam questions

  1. How do we go about accessing this giant pool to take you up on your challenge?

  2. You have to be a MySQL AB employee (possibly should have made that clearer… but that’s generally what MySQLer means) – check out #certification in internal IRC if you are

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