I heart Gnome SSH Tunnel Manager

Jonas just switched me on to Gnome SSH Tunnel Manager – a simple GNOME app that stores a list of SSH tunnels you want and can automatically start and stop them.

Totally useful for those who travel (hrrm.. fair few MySQLers there) and/or always have SSH tunnels to places (hrrm… MySQLers there too).

There’s a debian package up there (and you can build one easily) but it’s not yet in the Ubuntu archive… maybe for the next release. But works fine on edgy for me!

2 thoughts on “I heart Gnome SSH Tunnel Manager

  1. and on Fedora Core 6 it is in extras – so to install

    yum -y install gstm

  2. Quite little tool. For your information I can tell it is available in feisty/universe.

    An other nice thing with Feisty is that KVM is included. Currently I’m build MySQL 5.1.16 beta in a CentOS guest.

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