adding a pluggable information schema table to a pluggable engine in mysql 5.1

Also now up is the patch series in my “ndb-work” tree which small patch for adding INFORMATION_SCHEMA.NDB_NODE_STATUS. It’s nearly useful… I haven’t brought in the nice “id to string” functions in the management client that make pretty printing nice… so not quite end user friendly :)

But it’s a nice patch to learn how to add an INFORMATION_SCHEMA table in a pluggable engine and put some engine specific information in it.

(kudos to the falcon code… which i looked at on how to do it).

Doesn’t take long – this was completed in less than 2hrs while watching and paying attention to sessions…. so should take next to no time if you actually concentrate on it.

Of course, this totally abuses the purity of the information schema.

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