It’s here! It’s here!

So, I hear you ask (ask dagnammit!), what does a MySQL Cluster hacker do when not hacking MySQL Cluster?


Today, a box arrived:


I eagerly opened the box… eager for what was inside:


Hrrm… this does look promising! Quickly I turned it all up the right way:


It’s here! It’s here! Only about a month after Michael got his copies! Gah international shipping (and moving addresses) can be casually annoying sometimes. But anyway, it’s here, it looks sweet and now I can go set up a menu option to automatically transcode MythTV recordings to a good format for the iPod. Brilliant!

Of course, this is about how many copies you should go and buy:


So kids, go order your copy of Practical MythTV today! You too, like me, can then go “hrrm… my MythTV MySQL database isn’t Clustery enough… perhaps I should run it on NDB”. :)

You should also go and get a copy of the MySQL Cluster Certification Study Guide as I have writing in it too! Yes, this past year has kept me busy!

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