Backup and Recovery (the book)

A little while ago now, I did some tech reviewing of a book called Backup & Recovery… specifically MySQL related things (and MySQL Cluster). Curtis was kind enough to send me a copy of the book as well – and I’ve been reading the rest of it bits at a time since I got it.

I’m rather impressed… it gives a good mix of overview and digging deeper on just about every way to back up and recover systems. It also discusses several products that I didn’t know about (and have partly investigated now because of it).

It also has good sections on process: as in how to decide what to backup, encouraging the use of checklists and all that. Heck… recently when doing a restore I realised I never backed up /boot (annoying, not catastrophic… as I know my way around).

I recommend getting a copy of it if you need to back up and restore systems and don’t know everything already.

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