2008 Mini-Conf Selection

So, last night a group of us sat down and went through all the mini-conf proposals for 2008

There were a lot of proposals. There were also a lot of good ones.

We’re not announcing anything yet… but in the interest of openness… here’s the procedure.

We started out as any responsible group of selectors would…. looking at the proposals over beer:

dsc_8260.JPG dsc_8261.JPG

a few jokes thrown in… frank discussion and all that. But really, we came to the conclusion that it’d been all done before and we needed to somehow narrow down all the excellent suggestions…

Luckily, the pub we were meeting at had the right facilities!


And we went about selecting a few more…


Of course, there are simply some mini-confs that we all agreed were a must have…  although nothing was certain…


One of the more hilarious suggestions of the evening was to force somebody to organise a PostgreSQL miniconf, convince Marten to hold a MySQL company meeting in Melbourne around Jan 2008 and have all of MySQL AB come and sit in the back of the room for the PostgreSQL miniconf.

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