WL4271 Encrypted Online Backup: Preview 3

“WL4271 Encrypted Online Backup: Preview 3” branch in Launchpad

Now with Windows support. Many thanks to Chuck Bell for helping get the code going on Windows.

We can however, all sit around dumbfounded as to how Windows has so little of a POSIX like layer and yet doesn’t define ENOTSUP.

As a refresher, this tree implements:

  • Encryption for MySQL Online backup
  • Algorithms and keysizes supported:
    • 3DES
    • AES (128, 192 and 256bit)
  • World peace

(world peace not included)

UPDATE: If you’re wondering why the branch isn’t there, it’s still pushing to launchpad. Yes, that’s over 7 hours to push a branch. ick. Can’t be too much longer, surely. I cannot wait until lp uses shared repos.

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