Is your garage internet enabled?

Real noisy fucker. So loud, that if it’s in the garage but the back door is open, I still hear it.

Being used for drizzle dev on Solaris… although a switch to OpenSolaris or Linux is likely imminent. Straight Solaris 10 is just too annoying.

11 thoughts on “Is your garage internet enabled?

  1. Hey now.. why is Solaris 10 too annoying? :-)

    I quite like it, I’ve always used solaris before I moved to mac, so I’d be very interested in hearing about your problems with solaris. (Hey, why didn’t we discuss this in Charlottesville?)

  2. let’s see… $PATH, /opt, /opt/csw, old packages, not gnu ls (no –color!), not gnu grep (no -r!), about 15 places you have to change the ip address, old (buggy) automake, etc etc

  3. Well, my garage is attached to my house, so getting some cable in there would be easy (but pointless). I made sure my mom and her husband buried some Cat5 between their house, his woodshop, and her craft shop (we omitted the chicken house, tragically precluding a chicken webcam). That all, however, pales in comparison to the coffee-can wireless antennas connecting my dad’s shop to his house, sharing his satellite Internet connection. :)

    Wi-Fi in the middle of the woods… tragic in some ways, but certainly nice when you have a job that lets you “Work From Anywhere”.

  4. Silly question, but what does this have to do with MySQL. Why did this appear in planet mysql ?

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