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The other day I ordered some soap nuts from Green And Nutty – and they arrived (rather quickly) yesterday (or today… I forget.. a package on the doorstep anyway). Kristy (owner) was telling me about the soap nuts ages ago… and I finally got around to giving them a go (otherwise known as “stewart put two and two together when needing to buy washing powder”).

I don’t have an allergy problem to normal soaps and aren’t on some exotic “everything must be natural” trip (although it does have a certain appeal).

One bonus thing (for me) is that I *know* that what I’m using for washing clothes is vegan.

Anyway, first wash with them today and no problems to report. Seemed to produce clean clothes (although weren’t that dirty to begin with). Will report further in future washes.

There’s a 2-for-1 offer for December which I took (1kg for $17.99)… which should be enough to last a year (for the average household… and I’m smaller than that).

4 thoughts on “Soap nuts

  1. Hands down soap nuts are changing the way we think about cleaning. Not only are they awesome for laundry (inexpensive by comparison to store bought detergents if you know how to use the properly), but I’ve replaced nearly all the bad chemical cleaners in my home using soap nuts in various ways. Thank you, Mother Nature!

  2. We are pleased to introduce ourselves as one of the largest wholesale exporter of Soap Nut (SAPINDUS MUKOROSSI) from Nepal. We harvest our own soap nuts from the Himalayan region. Our product is certified as organic by USDA
    The shell contains a high level of saponins which is an excellent hair tonic and is also known for its ability to cleanse and wash and used in cleansing lotion, protein shampoo, and protein shampoo with conditioner.
    Soap nut, highly effective mild and natural, preserves the colors and the structure of your valuable clothing longer than chemical detergents
    We also offer packaging per your requirements. We also offer custom packaging with your own artwork, logo, text, a product completely ready for your customer.
    If you need soap Nuts from Nepal, we are there for a steady and long term supply .
    Some portions of the sales help support an orphanage and a single mom income generation program in the region.

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