fixing drizzle on linux sparc

Since I got fed up with Solaris the other day, the T1000 is running Debian. This means that “I’ll care about Drizzle on Linux Sparc”.

OMG were things broken in the most “trivial” ways.

A good quick intro to the issues is Memory alignment on SPARC, or a 300x speedup!

It all comes down to memory alignment.

So I pulled the MySQL 6.0 bzr tree onto the box to try it too… I haven’t seen so many compiler warnings in ages (okay… since I last built MySQL.. drizzle is warning-clean and it makes it hard to remember a time before that). I think it works purely by accident.

So I’m gradually getting all of Drizzle working on Linux Sparc (a few things fixed already).

It’d be great if the T1k had faster disk though (make -j30 is fun… but IO isn’t on a single 160GB 7200rpm disk)… anybody wanting to donate an SSD?

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