Drizzle low-hanging-fruit

We have an ongoing Drizzle milestone called low-hanging-fruit. The idea is that when there’s something that  could be done, but we don’t quite have the time to do it immediately, we’ll add a low-hanging-fruit blueprint so that people looking to get a start on the codebase and contributing code to Drizzle have a place to go to find things to do.

Some of my personal favourites are:

Also relatively low hanging fruit can be writing some plugins. Some simple plugin types include:

  • Authentication
    Got somewhere that you could authenticate against for connecting to a DB? Write a plugin for it! Current auth plugins are auth_http and auth_pam.

    • Perhaps you want to authenticate against a central DB? checking in memcached first?
    • Perhaps a htaccess style method
  • Functions
    Apply some function to a column. These are pretty simple to write (see md5, compress examples). Perhaps interfaces to encryption/decryption? a hashing function?

    • ROT13
    • 3DES
    • AES
      Bonus points if you get any of these to use the T2000 crypto accellerator stuff
    • ID3 tag decoding
    • file type detection (well.. BLOB)

So there’s a fair bit you can do to get started. Best of all, you can chat with the Drizzle developers next week at the MySQL Conference and Expo and Drizzle Developer Day.