HailDB 2.0.0 released!

(Reposted from the HailDB Blog. See also the announcement on the Drizzle Blog.)
We’ve made our first HailDB release! We’ve decided to make this a very conservative release. Fixing some minor bugs, getting a lot of compiler warnings fixed and start to make the name change in the source from Embedded InnoDB to HailDB.

Migrating your software to use HailDB is really simple. In fact, for this release, it shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes.

Highlights of this release:

  • A lot of compiler warnings have been fixed.
  • The build system is now pandora-build.
  • some small bugs have been fixed
  • Header file is now haildb.h instead of innodb.h
  • We display “HailDB” instead of “Embedded InnoDB”
  • Library name is libhaildb instead of libinnodb
  • It is probably binary compatible with the last Embedded InnoDB release, but we don’t have explicit tests for that, so YMMV.

Check out the Launchpad page on 2.0.0 and you can download the tarball either from there or right here:

  • haildb-2.0.0.tar.gz
    MD5:  183b81bfe2303aed435cdc8babf11d2b
    SHA1:  065e6a2f2cb2949efd7b8f3ed664bc1ac655cd75

7 thoughts on “HailDB 2.0.0 released!

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  2. The embedded_innodb engine in Drizzle will shortly just link to HailDB. We’re waiting for the Ubuntu build machines to build the binary packages so it’s easy for people to have it “just work” by having the PPA do the heavy lifting.

  3. I wanted to ask when you announced HailDB, but will do it now instead:

    Why yet another InnoDB fork? What reasoning prevented you from joining forces with XtraDB?

    (I get that InnoDB Plugin != Embedded InnoDB, but I ask because I suspect an answer in line with “we plan to break things and Percona wants to keep it stable”.)

  4. quite the opposite. I aim to keep this really close to mainline, incredibly stable and just continue to maintain embedded_innodb. If Oracle were to start releasing embedded_innodb again, then we’d work out how to wind up the project.

    There are differences in the embedded tree that make it not immediately obvious t ojust join onto an innodb_plugin (although I’m working on patches to make this easier).

  5. Is HailDB forked from embedded innodb or from the plugin? The plugin gets more frequent releases, but embedded InnoDB can be extremely useful (MongoDB + HailDB == something very nice).

  6. from embedded_innodb. But I’m working on merging the codebases so that keeping up to date with the plugin is rather simple.

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