Storage Engine independent test suite

This is something that has never existed in the MySQL world. Nothing to help you start developing your engine.

Sure, you could start running the whole test suite against your engine…. but where it wasn’t specifically MyISAM, you’d certainly hit things that were.. well… as simple as having to change the result file so that SHOW CREATE TABLE masked out the ENGINE= part.

Also, if you were just starting out and were trying to incrementally write your engine, instead of just hacking away for 6 months on “everything” and then testing “everything” and hoping that anything at all worked – you were out of luck.

So when working on the embedded_innodb engine for Drizzle I wanted to finally fix this problem. I was not going to fix it perfectly, or completely. What I wanted was a set of simple tests, that were very short and that tested distinct bits of the engine.

So… if you look in the Drizzle tree, in plugin/embedded_innodb/tests/ you’ll find a bunch of test cases beginning with basic_ (they’re also now in plugin/pbxt/tests). These check very basic functionality and should be useful when starting to write your own storage engine.

They should also port easily to MySQL too (possibly without changes), but I haven’t tried it. Porting to PBXT was simple.. a regex to replace InnoDB with PBXT.


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