Drizzle7 Beta!

Just in case you missed it, I’m rather thrilled that our latest tarball of Drizzle is named Beta. Specifically, we’re calling it Drizzle7. Seven is a very nice number, and it seems rather appropriate.

This release is for a stand alone database server. A lot of the infrastructure for replication is there (with testing), but the big thing we want to hammer on and get perfect here is Drizzle7 as a stand alone database server.

Can I trust it? If you trust InnoDB to store your data, then yes, you can trust Drizzle (it uses InnoDB too)

8 thoughts on “Drizzle7 Beta!

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  2. Congratulations Stewart!

    Your baby is reaching next grade.

    The announcement of beta was a surprise for me.
    (even though expected)
    Very much happy to see all your efforts are going to make a big change in this world.

  3. Hi Stewart!

    congrats on the achievements :)

    Altough I’m not (yet) using drizzle, It’s been fun lurking on the lists. I think I’ll be trying it real soon.

    Thanks, and kind regards,

  4. Eh, I was really looking forward to this, but…? Drizzle is the DB for web and cloud, and now you say we shouldn’t use replication? Even at MariaDB that’s one of the focus areas…

    I think it’s great that you can announce that certain parts will now be stable and I could try Drizzle without actually having to dump/restore data in the future, but it sounds like without replication, GA is still some way to go…

  5. Replication is a focus area too – the big focus now is ensuring the code paths that produce the replication log are correct… which is certainly something that is rather important before naming the replication code good to go.

  6. Ok, get it now that I read what you say and also the other blogs.

    Actually, we should award Drizzle an extra point for making it clear what to expect and what not to expect.

    I knew you had redone the replication, I just was surprised when I first read your blog as saying its not something you focus on…

  7. Thanks!

    Yeah, it’s great fun – and as you know, really rewarding when you get a release out that you like. Even better when the code behind it is lovely too.

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