3 thoughts on “Innobase 1.1.1 in Drizzle

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  2. Given that MySQL 5.5 is not GA and each new RC has very long list of bugs, should 1.1.1 really be used for Drizzle now?

  3. It’s important to look at InnoDB bugs versus MySQL Server bugs.

    It’s also important to look at the fact of going back to older Innobase versions in Drizzle really isn’t that hard – I’ve imported the revision history so that we can do that if needed.

    If you look at MySQL 5.5.7 revision history, there are some InnoDB fixes that we do want, and I’m working on updating our innobase plugin to have them too.

    I’m pretty confident that going to the 1.1 series of InnoDB is a good idea for both stability and performance as the big changes in it have been rather well tested for a while.

    Of course, bug reports are welcome!

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