MySQL 5.5 is GA and 5.5.8 missing from launchpad…

While it’s great that MySQL 5.5 is GA with the 5.5.8 release (you can download it here), I’m rather disappointed that the bzr repositories on launchpad aren’t being kept up to date. At time of writing, it looked like this:

Yep – nothing for five weeks in the 5.5 repo – nothing since the 5.5.7 release :(

There hasn’t been zero changes either – the changelog has a decent number of fixes.

7 thoughts on “MySQL 5.5 is GA and 5.5.8 missing from launchpad…

  1. Sorry for the delay. I assume the build team simply hasn’t merged back the release branch into the main tree yet. I will ping them on what’s going on. Stay tuned.

  2. The release branches usually have a very short lifespan, as they are only created to perform the builds, undisturbed from any ongoing activity in the main branch. Once the builds are done, the release is tagged and they are merged back into the the main tree. It’s probably too much of a hassle to always to the launchpad dance for these. But I agree that the tree should be merged back by the time the release is out, I will look into getting this fixed.

  3. The reason that the release branch isn’t up there is that this could make security-relevant fixes public before a release with the fix is widely available. We like to announce the details of security issues (such as code that explains one, or test cases that try to reproduce it, etc.) only when we can actually offer a remedy ;-)

    I can confirm that the 5.5.8 code just hasn’t been merged back into the main branch yet. The launchpad branch is a direct mirror of our main branch, it’s not something that we update manually when we want to publish code. Unfortunately that also means we can’t just push there when we *want* to publish code.

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