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OSCON is coming up again: July 25th-29th in wonderful Portland, OR. If you come to OSCON, not only will you be at OSCON, but you’ll be in Portland in July – which is just lovely. We’ll also have other people from Percona there and it should be a great lot of fun.

So come along and talk interesting technology – I’ll be speaking on “Dropping ACID: Eating Data in a Web 2.0 Cloud World“. If you know my love of reliable software with known failure modes, you’ll probably enjoy this one – especially if you saw my “Eat My Data: How everybody gets POSIX file I/O Wrong” which when given at OSCON 2008 was given to a packed room with people in the aisles and out the door.

Speaking has its pluses and minuses of course. It takes a very, very long time to construct a good talk (I would guess 12hrs for each hour of speaking) and you do miss out on some other sessions (preparing, going over, final touches, rehearsals). It is rather rewarding though, and sparks very interesting conversations afterwards.

I should also mention, if you want 20% off OSCON rego: use os11fos as discount code.

5 thoughts on “Speaking at OSCON

  1. Rehearsals? Doesn’t sound like you. Is that something Percona is forcing you to do?

    I once wrote down a talk in advance and rehearsed it 4 times (also to get timing right). I have to admit it was very helpful, but the effect was only seen after 3rd rehearsal. As English is not my native language, the advantage of rehearsing might be bigger than otherwise.

  2. No, it certainly helps. For a bunch of the major ones I certainly do rehearse and rehearse and rehearse. Other things are spontaneous, but looking spontaneous can take a fair bit of time :)

  3. Hi,Stewart, how about the haildb development? I haven’t seen any new release for a long time….

  4. How about haildb development? Seems its branch has been frozen for a long time …………

  5. To be honest, there has not been a lot of time for me to work on it. If you need something specifically done, you can engage my employer (Percona) to get it done – or you can contribute to the project yourself (also strongly encouraged)

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