New libeatmydata release!

I updated the web site for libeatmydata (woah!): and the launchpad page: to reflect this too.

New exciting things in the land of libeatmydata:

  • sync_file_range is now wrapped (thanks to Phillip Susi)
  • I now bundle the eatmydata helper script originally included in the debian packages
  • the autotools foo builds on MacOS X
  • I modified the eatmydata helper script to also do the right DYLD environment variables if it’s running on Darwin. i.e. the eatmydata helper script now runs on MacOS X too (well, it should – please test)
  • libeatmydata should now work just about everywhere that can LD_PRELOAD. Patches welcome.

If anyone knows how to build a non-versioned shared libray using autotools… I’d love to hear it. libeatmydata is totally not something that needs soname versioning. I guess it’s harmless though.

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