Coverity scan for Drizzle

Coverity is a static analysis tool, which although proprietary itself does offer a free scanning service for free and open source software (which is great by the way, I totally owe people who make that happen a frosty beverage).

Prompted by someone volunteering to get MariaDB into the Coverity Scan, I realized that I hadn’t actually followed through with this for Drizzle. So, I went and submitted Drizzle. As a quick overview, this is the number of problems of each severity both projects got back:

Severity MariaDB Drizzle
High 178 96
Medium 1020 495
Low 47 52

I don’t know what MySQL may be, but it’d be great to see this out in the open too.

9 thoughts on “Coverity scan for Drizzle

  1. And what is the relative count, ie bugs per lines of code? (Or to ask the same question differently, how many LOC in Drizzle vs MariaDB?)

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