Is MySQL bigger than Linux?

I’m going to take the numbers from my previous post, MySQL Modularity, Are We There Yet? for the “kernel” size of MySQL – that is, everything that isn’t a plugin or storage engine.

For Linux kernel, I’m just going to use the a-bit-old git tree I have on my laptop. I’ve decided that the following directories are for “plugins” drivers/ arch/ sound/ firmware/ crypto/ usr/ virt/ tools/ scripts/ fs/*/* and everything else is core kernel code.

Version Total LoC Total Plugin LoC Remaining (kernel)
MySQL 5.6.10 1,049,344 265,189 784,155 (74% kernel)
MariaDB 5.5 1,142,118 315,796 826,322 (72% kernel)
Linux 9,983,269 8,824,121 1,159,148 (11% kernel)

The scary thing is that it’s surprisingly close, MySQL/MariaDB core is roughly 68-71% the  size of the Linux kernel. This is probably an unfairly large number for Linux too as there’s much more of Linux that is pluggable and modular… so I actually suspect they’re closer to exactly the same size.

If we look at the net/ directory in linux, it’s a grand total of 493,000 lines of code, all of which is fairly modular and independent. You could, quite reasonably, claim that the core of Linux is in fact closer to half a million lines of code than a million, making MySQL significantly larger.

So how many engineers are looking after each code base? We know there are over a thousand Linux kernel developers contributing to each release (e.g. for data back in 2010, and for Feb 2013).

I’m now going to fudge some things to attempt to work out how many “developers” are working on linux core code rather than drivers and arch specific things. I work out there’s probably about 20-25% of linux developers who work on things that are not drivers, filesystems or arch code. This is around 250-300 developers for each kernel release.

So… how many people have ever committed code to MySQL? This is fairly easy to find out: I simply looked at the entire bzr history, grepped out every committer and then uniqued the list (this required more than just sort -u as people used different email addresses and names). How many people have ever committed code to MySQL (i.e. their code can be found in the MySQL 5.6 bzr tree)? 312.

How many committers to MySQL 5.6 are there? 161. This is pretty amazing, that’s about half of what the total is. However, this number is misleading. For example, my name is there and the last commit to the MySQL tree from me was in 2008. You also see names such as Monty Taylor and Kristian Nielsen – all three of us not having worked for MySQL/Sun/Oracle for a great number of years. At the very least, there’s been a lot of code integration into MySQL 5.6 from many existing sources that were not previously in MySQL trunk.

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