30 configuration options and counting

While Domas may have rather effictively trolled the discussion with his post on howto configure table/user statistics (which gave me a good chuckle I do have to say), it’s at least incorrect for Percona Server as you have to enable the “userstat” server option :)

That being said, once enabled there are no extra configuration variables to think about. This is a huge advantage over configuring PERFORMANCE_SCHEMA – which has a total of THIRTY configuration options (31 if you include the global enable/disable option).

Some of these thirty odd configuration variables are only going to matter if you’re loading your own plugins, and even then, it’s probably only going to matter if they use the MySQL mutex implementations rather than, say, the standard pthread ones or even other synchronization primitives. It helps that the vast majority of non-InnoDB storage engines are dead. Go on – name one that’s in any form of usage (MyISAM doesn’t count – it’s effectively on death row).

This really makes me want to go and resurrect and finish the perf integration with Drizzle. The operating system provides a whole bunch of performance monitoring tools already, just expose them via SQL and be done with it.

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