The road to Percona Server 5.6

Over a year ago now, I announced the first Percona Server 5.6 alpha on the Percona MySQL Performance Blog (Announcing Percona Server 5.6 Alpha). That was way back on August 14th, 2012 and it was based on MySQL 5.6.5 released in April.

I’m really happy now to point to the release of the first GA release of Percona Server 5.6 along with some really interesting benchmarks. We’ve certainly come a long way from that first alpha and I’m really happy that we’ve also managed to continue to release Percona Server 5.5 and Percona Server 5.1 releases on time and of high quality.

Over the same time frame that we’ve been working on Percona Server 5.6 we’ve increased the size of the company, improved development practices and grown enough that we’ve reorganised how development of software is managed to make it scale better. One thing I’m really, really pleased about is a culture of quality we’ve managed to nurture.

Keeping a culture of quality alive is something that requires constant nurturing. All too often I’ve seen pressure to ship sooner rather than stabler (yes, I just invented that word), and yes, we initially planned the GA of PS 5.6 earlier than we ended up shipping it, but we instead took the time to round out features and stability to ship something much better.

Now comes the effort of continuing good releases, promoting it and writing a Webinar to give next week.

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