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The home page of Stewart Smith styled in that unforgettable "I am a systems programmer that can't be bothered making a fancy-dancing web site" style.

What's Here?


Stewart Smith is a Principal Engineer at Amazon Web Services primarily working on Amazon Linux. Prior to Amazon, he worked in the Linux Technology Center at IBM on OpenPower firmware, the Linux Kernel and related projects. He had the title OPAL Architect due to his primary focus on OPAL firmware. Previously he was the Director of Software Architecture at Percona and prior to that he worked for Rackspace, hacking on the Drizzle Database Server. He's previously worked for MySQL and Sun on MySQL Cluster and Drizzle. He is often found hacking on various free software projects, running, taking photos, brewing and drinking beer (or whisky) and talking at conferences. He misses the smell of Kodachrome.

Some of the things I'm involved with at the moment include:

In the past, I have been involved in:

Contact Information

You can reach me via email by mailing stewart at flamingspork dot com.