Fedora Core 3 Test 1

Installed it on my crash-and-burn box.

Dual PII 350mhz, 128MB RAM (and a number of disks… this is on a 120GB WD drive, but on a slow IDE controller)

and, of course, the ultimate in graphics power, an S3 Trio3D.

So, install took about an hour. Not very snappy, but it got there. Not enough time using CPU while doing disk writes. multithreaded RPM installation would rock :)

Reported a bunch of bugs, some feature enhancements and found the desktop backgrounds :)

SELinux is now on by default… and so far I’ve only hit one bug with it (namely that you couldn’t launch the software update). bytebot said I should update to get the update to fix the updater, so i ran ‘yum update’ in the terminal. Hrrm…. not so quick with only 128MB ram. oh well…

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