Don’t Buy MSI

Not yesterday sunday, but the sunday before that (i.e. now 8 days ago) I bought an MSI Mega 180 case to use as a mythtv box. Not only was it DOA, I still do not have it. It’s expected to come in the day after tomorrow. That is TEN DAYS since i bought the thing.

What seemed to be a well priced and suitable box (PCI slot and mini-pci, so i can use the mini pci for wireless – yay. also space for two HDs) is proving a pain in the arse – and I haven’t even used it yet.

I am very close to getting very annoyed.

3 thoughts on “Don’t Buy MSI

  1. You demonstrate extraordinary restraint. How many times have you emailed the manufacturer so far?

  2. I purchased many of product from MSI and now with a problem They are screwing me. They want to repair it and it is not even 4 months old from the distributor. The power supply isn’t even made anymore. They won’t even trade it in for a motherboard for the CPU I have.

  3. My MythTv/Mega works..unfortunately the LED display and ‘Hi-Fi’ (radio) will not work in Linux. This wouldn’t be a big deal if it wasn’t impossilble to find specificiations for these components.
    everything is too vague, so writing (or modifying) a driver is out of the question.

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