Solaris 10 under QEMU

I’m currently watching a Solaris 10 install under QEMU on my laptop. It seems to be taking a while, but getting there.

(I got a Solaris 10 DVD in my AUUG shwag)

Basically, I want to play with DTrace and see how easy it is to do things with it. Solaris seems to be the requirement. I don’t want to have a partition for it nor run it as a primary OS. So, qemu it is.

I can also then use the funky disk image foo with qemu so that i don’t waste a lot of space (mmm… sparse disk images).

For a 7GB qemu-img created filesystem, used intirely as /, it seems that there’s 128MB overhead for having the file system. The installer is chugging away writing things and this seems to be constant.

So, all in all i should end up using a bit less than 3GB of real disk space for a full Solaris 10 install in a qemu image.

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  1. I am trying to do the same but qemu seems to be hanged. Could you tell me which params have you used to run qemu with Solaris?

  2. Hi,

    I am also trying to install Solaris10 under QEMU.
    I downloaded the cd version of Solaris10 from Solaris download center.

    Do I need to combine the muliple CD parts into a single one or I could do it separately as well?
    Could anyone please tell me how could i combine into a single iso?

    Thanks and Regards,

  3. Do you think that it will also work with the sparc version of solaris?

  4. @Neelam
    Just unzip each part and then run “cat part-a part-b part-c part-d part-e > solaris.iso” (substitute part-* with the names of the unzipped files)
    Solaris.iso will be the DVD-ISO you were searching for ;)

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