White Stripes tour dates

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Damn, damn, damn, damn damn. Only January 28th – and I’m in NZ.

Note to future organisers: make sure dates don’t overlap BDO or any really cool band tour dates.

Of course, the real disaster would be if Tool were touring at the same time as a work thing. How will people take it if i leave a company event for however long is needed to see Tool live. as many times as possible. I am dearly hoping that travel co-ordinates itself to see them in different cities, countries. Heck, even another planet if we can do that by the time the new album is ready :)

Some people don’t seem to get the Tool thing. It’s just good music. But that’s the thing – it is good music. Also, great music to hack with. I reckon each album gets played at least once per week – still.

2 thoughts on “White Stripes tour dates

  1. I think you’ll find that The White Stripes dates overlap with BDO because they are headlining at the BDsO. :)

  2. … and then, just after you moderate my comment, I realise you meant organisers of LCA… *thud*

    :-D I’ll crawl back into my hole now.

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