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Howard: What the blogs are saying

I’m not a Howard fan. I think he plays politics very well – possibly better than anyone in the country (and is certainly a world contender) and I’d love to have him on my side on issues I care about. I also

I also think he’s wrong on a bunch of things (or not paying the right kind of attention to them). Some of these I think it’s possible to work on, but others are just fundamental differences.

  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Copyright and Patent legislation
  • Industrial relations
  • Taxation

(hrrm… some major ones there. I am quite happy though that (at least in the past) he has been active in upholding the right to choose on abortion and not giving into a certain health minister who wants to impose his moral view on the country.

This isn’t to say that there’s a feasible opposition. The Australian Labor party is a joke. Total discrace. I’m feeling like I could say that I feel that the Greens have a higher chance of winning government in the next two elections than the ALP.

Way to get depressed about the political situation in .au

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