So who instead?

Andrew asks So who instead?

The problem is (as I said in my last post) – I don’t know. I don’t think there are any good contenders. At best there’s “okay”.

Hence the saddness in the Australian political arena.

I think there’s some good people around – but being good seems to take second place to backstabbing and arguing like 3 year olds. Question Time is a great thing to watch on TV – it makes you feel mature – even if you just pulled your sisters’ hair to make her cry (especially if you don’t have a sister).

1 thought on “So who instead?

  1. I’ve got a suggestion.

    I don’t care how bad the Labour party is now. Let’s just vote them in. At least they’ll be more amenable to making sure education, health and consumer rights are protected. At least they have more chance of being convinced about the use of open source software, greening the planet and saving the bilby. At least they’re being consistent in their use of truth and information in Parliament.

    Because you haven’t a hope of getting the Liberals to do any of those things.

    A vote for a party ‘because I don’t know what the others are like’ is worse than an uninformed vote; it’s giving in to the Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt that the Howard Government loves to put out about voting for anyone else. We in the Linux community have had to deal with a lot of FUD from other big companies – it’s time we also dealt with our political options as well as our technological ones.

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