OpenOffice.org2 frustrates me like paper cuts

Possibly Ubuntu’s fault too for shipping the not-latest un-bugfixed release. But either way, it’s really annoying seeing the “Document Recovery” screen more than the edit text widget.

Copy and Paste slides in Impress is not flakey – it’s damn right crushed to pieces. Occationally it does something useful – like paste and not crash.

update: yes, i am just using it to put together presentations for our upcoming devconf – as well as the user conference. Why these things are so hard to do is beyond me. A simple app that didn’t crash *cough* magicpoint *cough* is looking rather superior at the moment.

update part 2: yes, the title changed. arguably i like this one better. although adding “right under the fingernail” is tempting

3 thoughts on “OpenOffice.org2 frustrates me like paper cuts

  1. that would be, like, sensible. The inciting hatred category here is not meant for sense :)

    think of it as satire on all those people who just whinge about some bug and never report it – or do it on whacky configs with whacky compiler flags and all that.

    Unfortunately, half the times when i run into bugs these days, they’re on documents with sensitive information in them… so i can’t really just attach them to a bug report and go “do a, b, c and d” and see it crash.

    I’m really hoping that OO 2.0.1 fixes all these bugs. It’s really annoying that Ubuntu 5.10 doesn’t have the packages though.

    Oh, Pascal – cool graphics I’ve seen you doing too.

  2. Yea, ranting to the devels is obviously not the best thing to do, but sometimes showing up in the IRC channel and in a friendly sort of way going you know blah is just damn awesome, but it kinda sucks sometimes when I do this.

    Buy ’em a beer and the bug will be fixed sooner. ;)

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