crash halfway through upgrading Ubuntu breezy to dapper

see BUG#37430 for some details. Also see BUG#37435 for why it gets really painful later on.
Basically, if your machine crashes around the time of the dist-upgrade, you’re totally screwed. mkfs and re-install.

I’d hate to have not made /home a different partition from /.

I currently don’t have much confidence in an easy upgrade for my laptop considering what I’ve just gone through for my desktop. I’m now downloading the flight 5 install CD so i can re-install from stractch. urgh. not happy jan.

My recommendation for upgrade is a full backup of everything beforehand and if anything even remotely goes wrong, restore the backup.

Naturally I didn’t do this for the desktop. but hey, the laptop is more critical. I’ll be doing it for that, as I always do.

6 thoughts on “crash halfway through upgrading Ubuntu breezy to dapper

  1. wish it had a real operating system.

    a free as in freedom one that is.

    otherwise I’m just not interested.

    yes, i’m like a total free software guy.

  2. Yeah, the problem with free software though, is that the quality just isn’t there.
    I know there is the odd exception, but it’s true of the vast, vast majority.

    I’d rather pay for quality software, than suffer with free software that doesn’t work properly, or at all half the time…And suffer is definitely the word =)

  3. Strangely enough I’ve always found it the other way around, swearing at Windoze, MacOSX, AIX, etc for doing stupid things and being thankful that I don’t have to use them to actually get work done! :-)

    Also note that this is an upgrade to a *development* version of an OS, not a release version. One would hope that they will fix this prior to the actual release! I’m sure Apple have made similar clangers inside OSX, but we never see their bug reports…

    Oh, and yes I got bitten by this upgrade bug but I managed to recover without too much trouble, guess I was just lucky!

  4. Windows will fubar the same way during an upgrade if the power goes – XP evens tell you to plug in your laptop during an upgrade.

  5. yeah Microsoft Windows probably barfs, MacOS X no doubt barfs but why should Linux? We can do better than them!

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