Photo out of the hotel room window


At the recent MySQL DevConf in Sorrento, Italy, I decided to take a photo out the window of my hotel room. Here it is. I’ve stayed at worse places, just :)

It also looked really similar to this from the breakfast and lunch room.

Pity we were then stuck in the basement working for most of the day. But it rocked. Got through lots of stuff, which is good.

2 thoughts on “Photo out of the hotel room window

  1. What, no lemon trees? When I stayed in Sorrento last year (non-geek related), we had lemon trees outside our window…so nice, especially in March when the Northeast US (where I live) is still grey.

  2. yeah, no lemon trees there, but a big volcano!

    there were plenty of fruit trees down the streets though, which was cool.

    Didn’t really spend enough time as a tourist which was a bit sad, but I guess that’s what you get when you go somewhere to work hard :)

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