final prep on UC presentation (and new toy)

I bought a new toy yesterday (and about time I did). A Logitech presentation clicker thingy:

Picture(14) (1).jpg

It has the laser pointer, the forward and backwards slide buttons and, arguably most interestingly, a built-in timer with vibrate alert.

What’s annoying is that the forward/back is done by page up and page down – and this doesn’t work for the “appear on click” thing for Luckily for me, I just about never use that “feature” as the in version of OOo that Ubuntu ships in their stable release (5.04) is just too darn buggy in that area. I do sometimes wonder if people use the stable release of their product for any real work.

But it’s a nice little device and seems to be an improvement of the using the remote control feature of my phone to do the same thing (if you didn’t do anything for X seconds, it disconnected and had to renegotiate something that took a few seconds).

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