Kristian on “How to blog for a planet”

How to blog for a planet – MySQL-dump

I have to say I disagree with the whole teaser/article body thing. I really don’t like having RSS feeds that don’t contain the full article. It means I can’t read them offline. I often like to catch up on RSS while offline. I also don’t particularly feel the need to have to make yet another click to view the content of an article.

Yes, it’s a little more bandwidth. But really, it’s cheap. Especially with mod_gzip and whatever else optimised foo we can do.

Maybe planet aggregators could get more clever in summarising entries? Or not. How many people actually read a planet from the web site anyway?

4 thoughts on “Kristian on “How to blog for a planet”

  1. i read planetmysql from the website.

    if people were using atom properly, they could include both a short summary and the full article, and both could be included in the feed. then the website could show the summary and make the full article available (perhaps with some ajax magic).

    but what annoys me more than some of the really long articles are the silly feeds that include all sorts of extraneous links on each entry, like a copyright notice and links to add to, etc.

    or people who blog code snippets without wrapping them in <code> or <pre>.

  2. I read it from the website, but I like the full article there. I don’t want to have to click to read the article, that’s why I read the news feed! If I wanted to click I’d just click on all the planetmysql blogs and read each one separately.

    I hate having to click again, when I can just scroll down to the next person’s entry really easily (I like using the keyboard, so I pgdown until I see a break).

  3. I’ve now wrapped the code in code tags. Unfortunately wordpress seems to make it difficult to do some of these things. I’ll have to find some neat way of doing it – as every time it annoys me.

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