2 thoughts on “More Shwag at The Swag Report

  1. What, the canvas bag isn’t listed as swag? That was the best thing — I took home 4! It held my HEAVY laptop all week without breaking. I rip handles off canvas bags like mad, so this was great….

  2. I just haven’t gotten there yet. Only brought some things upstairs to take photos of. Will have to go through (in more care) that huge pile of stuff downstairs.

    Every time I come back from a trip I seem to accrue stuff. Usually laptop bags. I have a laptop bag, I bought a good one a few laptops ago. Why I have more laptop bags than computers (and that’s a lot) is a little bit puzzling.

    If only there were laptop bag gnomes.

    Although maybe there are…
    1) everybody gets lots of laptop bags
    2) ….
    3) Profit!

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